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Support Local; Help Sustain Cambridge Independents!

Shop Local. Eat Local. Love Local. Cambridge is spoilt for choice when it comes to unique, quirky shops, restaurants and cafes. With over 250 independents to choose from, these businesses need your support more than ever!

Shopping independent is a step towards preserving a wonderful city – the rich culture, variety, and heritage is what makes Cambridge the exciting destination it is. Shopping with your favourite independents will hopefully ensure that they are here to enjoy and provide for the city for many years to come.

Another reason to shop independent is that it’s nice to see a friendly face! Shopping with small businesses regularly is a great way to make friends and build a community in your local area. You get excellent customer service and a better shopping experience by shopping in-store with experts in their craft versus online, and it can be an easier way to get a feel for the products and how they can benefit you.

Compared to larger corporations, most independent businesses don’t benefit from external funding, they are running the business because it’s a passion that they want to share with others, and rely on loyal customers recommending their products, services or delicious food.

If you’re not able to go in-store, a large amount of the independents have websites that you can shop online or another option is to call the store and see if they’re able to ship to your home address or place of work.

Have you thought about getting a Cambridge Gift card as a gift? That way the recipient can choose from a fantastic variety of independent businesses to shop and eat with and even check their balance online!

Need reminding of what independent businesses there are in Cambridge? This map should help you navigate our fabulous city.

It’s a great way to do a good thing for the community as it means that more of your money stays in local economy. It’s great to support local families and see their businesses grow thanks to your support



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