Safely welcoming visitors come back to Cambridge city centre

We and our partners have put in place a range of safety measures to support social distancing as businesses in the city centre begin to reopen. The practical measures will help you visit and shop in the city centre safely and conveniently. We have introduced the following measures around the city centre:

City centre stewards offering advice and help.

Advisory vehicle restrictions on Market Hill to allow safe operation of the market.

Pedestrian areas and one-way systems with enforcement of traffic restrictions.

Signs encouraging you to walk on the left to help with safe pedestrian flows on narrow pavements.

One-way access to narrow passageways such as All Saints Passage and Market Passage.

New pedestrian and cycle signage to help you navigate the city centre safely.

Social-distancing floor stickers to help businesses manage queuing customers. These are also in place in multi-storey car parks to help you queue at payment machines and to guide access to and use of lifts and stairwells (photo).

Hand sanitiser is available around the city and in stores – think about bringing your own so it’s always at hand.

Face Coverings are now required in certain areas of the city.  This includes shops, supermarkets, shopping centres and enclosed transport hubs. Full government details can be found here.

Here are some useful apps to keep safe. Whilst you’re in Cambridge, different sources of information is extremely useful to be just a click away. Here are some apps for you download which can help your visit to be a lot more stress-free.

If you’re using public transport during the coronavirus outbreak, check the provider’s website and the government’s guidance on safe travel before you travel. Also, Cambridge City Council’s travel to Cambridge webpage provides links to public-transport providers.

We and our partners will continue to monitor these measures and adapt them when necessary improve them and meet changing guidance.


The practical measures will help you visit and shop in the city centre safely and conveniently.



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