Rediscover Cambridge this summer

Ian Sandison, CEO of Cambridge BID, takes a look at the measures that are in place to give you confidence to visit our beautiful city

The fabulous city of Cambridge offers a safe place to bring your family, indulge your loved one and treat yourselves this summer.

If you have not been into your city recently, then I would ask ‘why not?’ The level of Covid-19 cases here remains incredibly low, and there are a host of measures in place to ensure you can explore safely, take your time, and treat yourself in your city.

We have on-street signs to remind people to keep left as they stroll while most of the queues we saw during lockdown and as the city initially opened up have gone. This is because more places are open, the initial release of getting out and shopping after the lockdown has passed and the 1m rule, along with the mandatory wearing of face masks in shops and other public spaces, means people feel more comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a pandemic for us all to deal with, however, if we all behave responsibly, keep washing our hands, wearing our masks and socially distancing, then we are all playing our part in helping to stop the spread of coronavirus, supporting our community and the city.

When you do visit the city, the roads are quiet, more road space is being given over to pedestrians and cycling, and buses are also quiet. Dozens more businesses have outside seating, so you can sightsee as you drink and dine and still socially distance. Lion Yard has installed a simple app that lets you review how busy stores are, many bars and restaurants are table service only and you order via an app, QR code or website.

Businesses have all produced a thorough Covid-19 assessment and trained their staff to offer great customer service, but respect social distancing requirements, and also ensure they remain safe.

The main thing is to plan ahead and ‘know before you go’. Check online if the place you wish to visit is open and whether you will be required to book. If you do this then it is a joy to behold and visit our city at a time when it is still relatively quiet, especially during the week.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon.

The main thing is to plan ahead and ‘know before you go’



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