Meet the owners

Meet Glen

Started in Paris about 15 years ago. YellowKorner has around 150 galleries worldwide with two in the UK. Glen the owner of one of those galleries here in Cambridge, tells us more…

Tell us about YellowKorner and the services you offer?

Our concept is very different to anything else on the high street. We only offer limited edition photographic art with around 4,000 artworks in the collection, by 300 different photographers.

Each piece has a certificate and is individually numbered with each photograph available in seven different sizes starting from an Art Print which is 20 x 30 cms up to the Exception size which can be as big as 180 x 200 cms.

The larger the piece the smaller the edition, so the Exception is limited to a maximum of 50 pieces worldwide. Even our smallest pieces are limited edition.

The art is arranged in themes including landscapes, urban, fashion, black and white, nature, sport etc – it’s very diverse.  Making a decision can be quite difficult as there is so much choice.

All YellowKorner artwork is real photography (not digital prints), produced on silver nitrate museum quality paper, created in a laboratory environment in a traditional process. The photograph is then mounted onto an aluminium dibond chassis with acrylic glass on the front in either a matt or gloss finish.

What is the ethos of YellowKorner?

YellowKorner talks about the democratization of art which means making art affordable to everyone.

What is your favourite piece in the gallery at the moment?

I’m glad you’ve said at the moment because it does change. There is one by Olivier Lavielle which was newly released at the beginning of the year called Roadstar. It’s a close up of a classic sports car with slightly out of focus palm trees in the background. You can tell straight away that it has that LA/ Californian look.

You showcase a number of key artists; can you tell us about some of their work?

For instance, Olivier Lavielle tends to go for Americana, old Mustangs, Cadillacs etc. He also photographs aeroplanes, so he will get something like a 1950s airliner and take a part of the plane and use the polished aluminium to reflect light.

Another popular artist is Pedro Jacque Krebs who photographs animals. He does a lot of jaguars, flamingos, and macaws. There’s a particular picture with a black jaguar and the picture is essentially black apart from the liquid gold eyes.

A very popular piece recently is Rainbow by Mina Mimbu.  It’s a fantasy piece with a child holding an enormous bunch of balloons. It shows great colour and has a wonderful, dreamy quality and I believe we will have that in the Exception size in the gallery in April.

What was the inspiration behind setting up YellowKorner in Cambridge?

I used to own an insurance company which I sold about 5 years ago, and I found out that retirement wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something that satisfied other things in me, and I just came across YellowKorner one day. I found out it was a franchise and I wanted to be a part of it because I thought it’s something different with beautiful products. Cambridge is a unique and vibrant city so why not open a gallery here.

What’s your favourite thing about being based in Cambridge?

There is so much culture here. There are art galleries, comedy clubs and there’s music. There’s a whole creative arts scene and I want to be a part of that.

What makes yours a green or environmentally friendly business?

In the gallery almost all of our packaging and waste is recycled but, if you buy a picture and you love it and it stays on your wall for the next 20 years, that’s pretty green!

Visit YellowKorner on 19 Market Hill and check out their website for more info:


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