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Meet: Sarah

Originating in Australia, F45 Training is an innovative and exciting fitness concept, specialising in 45-minute workouts, which happen on the same day, all around the world. We spoke to Sarah Craske, who launched Cambridge’s first F45 studio on Station Road.

Tell me a bit about F45, what you have going on at the minute and how people can get involved?

We are re-opening following the second lockdown and are now back building up our members community again. Our members were amazingly loyal through lockdown and since opening again we have some great new members too so our time is dedicated to making sure they get the best experience in the studio. We also have some outdoor classes running at Duxford lodge and are always up for trying something new.

We are about to launch our new prodigy class which is for teenagers, Accesible to all levels of fitness, The trainers have been working hard on tailoring F45 specifically for teenagers, It looks great, we plan to run classes after school times. We are the first studio in the UK to offer this so super excited to see how it goes.

We have a very active social media on instgaram f45_Training_cambridgestation or people can email

What was the inspiration behind setting up F45 in Cambridge?

I was a member of the first F45 studio in the uk based in London and I loved it. I have always worked in London and slowly I got more and more into fitness and I wanted to bring something new and exciting to Cambridge. Cambridge deserves a good fitness scene and also something new, I hoped it would path the way for other new ventures.

What’s your favourite thing about Cambridge?

The river and the colleges….There’s nowhere like it on a summers day.

What is favourite local business in Cambridge?

That’s a tough question…apart from F45? I love food so it would be the smoekworks team or Scotts on Mill Road, But also 196 on Mill Road make the best cocktails.

Why is it important for people to support local businesses now more than ever?

I think its important for both the customer and the business owners. Our members kept me sane in lockdown and they gave me a purpose to provide a good workout for them everyday and I hope we helped keep them fit and healthy during a diffisult time. I am grateful for businesses that were agile over lock down and have innovated to adapt to the current situation. Cambridge is a great city and the independent businesses are what makes it unique I wouldnt want to see these declining however businesses cant stand still and wait for things to retrun to normal we have to challenge ourselves to work and think differently and loyal customers will support that and appreciate it.

What COVID pre-cautions have you put in place as a business?

Currently we are running all classes in a socially distanced format. Everyone has their own 2 metre space and their own equipment and less numbers in the classes. It means everyone gets to make the most of the 45 minute class and get a great workout ion a safe way. We have increased cleaning etc as everyone has and we have a secure track and trace system in place. We wnated to ensure that what ever we did that it didnt take a way from a great workout everytime and I think we have delivered in that.

If you went to a desert island, what three things would you take?

Dumbells, I phone and Hamper of my favourite foods.

What would be your superpower and why?

To fly. Being delayed or stuck in traffic or on a train is my biggest frustratio, plus imagine the freedom if you can fly.

What is your favourite animal?

Giraffe. They are majestic.

What advice would you give your younger self?

It’s ok to not be the same as others.


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