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Meet Kerrie

Paying homage to the world of science with its experimental cocktails, The Lab in Cambridge exudes a decadent art deco, prohibition aesthetic. Kerrie Dickson, events manager, takes us on a tour

The story so far

The Lab was invented in 2018 by scientists; cancer research specialist Professor Tony Kouzarides, Director of The Milner Therapeutics Institute; Dr Jason Mellad, CEO and co-founder of Start Codon; and Mill Road Surgery’s Dr Peter Niemczuk. Closing in March 2020 with lockdown, it has been elaborately reimagined, doubling in size and adding food to its offering.

The Lab is described as a ‘1920s cocktail bar with a scientific twist’. How does that translate into the look and feel of the bar?

It’s got elements of prohibition era in its décor, but with a science theme running strongly through the bar as well, so it’s an unusual combination of the two. We’ve expanded significantly since reopening
after lockdown, offering two distinct sides with lots of luxurious velvet and hidden corners. The scientific theme weaves into the beverage side of things so our cocktails are quite experimental and both taste and
look wonderful.

We’d love to hear about the more theatrical drinks. Do you still have the bubble cocktail?

Yes, everyone always asks for the ‘one with the bubble’ which is the Hawking’s Big Bang, a blend of dark rum, apricot brandy and fresh lime juice. It arrives at the table with a big bubble on the top, so you can
blow it out and it dissolves into smoke. People tend to ask us to re-bubble the drink as they enjoy popping it so much!

What are some of the other signature cocktails you serve?

The Inspiration is quite popular as it has an edible paper topper printed with an image of Einstein or various other famous scientists. It’s a delicious blend of white rum, bergamot and citron liqueur, passion
fruit liqueur, fresh lemon juice and foam. We also have a cocktail dedicated to Marie Curie which looks beautiful as it is served with a variety of edible flowers.

Can you tantalise our tastebuds with The Lab’s food offering?

We serve well-thought-out small plates with a tapas theme, so dishes such as bechamel and porcini mushroom croquetas, spring vegetable dumplings with a crispy chilli oil and halloumi fries with a nice jalapeno mayo. One of our newest additions is tempura prawns served with a chilli jam and topped with rocket and spring onion. And for those with a sweet tooth, we have churros, dusted in sugar and cinnamon, served with a melted Nutella dip, which are very popular!

What do customers love about The Lab?

I think they are impressed by the theatrics of the drinks being concocted. We have an eye-catching cocktail which features purple foam so when that is being made, you see the excitement ripple around the bar! Customers also like the atmosphere of the two different sides of The Lab. So, you have the more celebratory looking area with all the velvet, then the other side is a little quieter and more secluded so good for chatting in groups.

What events does The Lab host?

We’ve got a strong regular schedule of events so we have painting classes, salsa and speed dating, which happen almost each week and are always full. I love the painting one as I think it’s such a nice idea to go out, paint a picture and drink a cocktail!

The Lab is at 90-92 Regent Street, Cambridge, CB2 1DP. Visit


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