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Meet: Alex

What was a dream many years ago, Father & Son Duo, Regis & Alex created a brand new food concept for the UK. Flammekueche was originally created in the 14th centuries by bakers in Alsace on the French-German border as a means of testing an oven’s temperature for their bread with a thinly stretched piece of dough; if the temperature was right the dough would bake in a few minutes leaving the edges crisp and slightly charred. Today it is Alsace’s speciality dish topped with bacon and onions.

Amelie imported this idea to UK and developed new recipes. Their Flammekueches are freshly cooked to orders with toppings made from top quality ingredients. Customers can enjoy their own with a glass of wine, pint of beer or share two or three trying out the different flavours.

What was the inspiration behind setting up Amelie Restaurants in The Grafton Centre?

Flam-kuche is Unique. Despite being extremely popular in the continent (primarily France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland) we knew it was missing from British soils! I always wanted to open up a group of restaurants with my father and the idea presented itself when I was studying in Switzerland, at the beginning of each academic year we used to drive down together from the UK & we used to always stop off in Alsace (the region in France where it originates from).

It was our tradition to guzzle down flam-kuche every evening along with wine, we never really understood how such a simple dish hadn’t been more popular in the UK and we really fell in love with the flavours. It’s so versatile our mind started racing creating our concept! The Grafton was a fantastic place to set up our first unit to really learn how is would work; All demographics venture in the Grafton, all races, all ages and so we were able to hone in on what worked and what didn’t.

What does being an independent business mean to you?

Working within and with the local community! Everyone knows everyone here, once a guest starts visiting, they become a regular and we really cherish that!

How do you adapt your menu for vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies?

Everything we do can be made Gluten Free. All our food is made a la minute, extremely fresh and high quality so if anyone has an allergy or intolerance, the kitchen can easily adapt. We are very popular with vegans too as we can cater most out our dishes to their tastes.

What’s your favourite thing about the city of Cambridge?

Grantchester Meadows

What COVID pre-cautions have you put in place as a business?

We have always been extremely rigorous on hygiene and cleanliness in our restaurant, even before Covid. Since the pandemic began all our staff have gone through further training for cleanliness adapted to the new covid rules. It is Mandatory for everyone to enter with a mask, staff must wear a mask at all times too. Each table has access to hand sanitizer and the table is thoroughly wiped down between each guest. Track and Trace measures are in place at the entrance of our unit too.

Why is it important for people to support independent business now more than ever?

What independent business do better than larger companies is creating a community, we create a spot to which people can trust, will feel comfortable returning to, and where the staff recognise their guests! This is exceptionally important during this period!

If you went to a desert island, what three things would you take?

Sunblock, I’m whiter than veal. A good set of knives, if i could squeeze in a wet stone block to sharpen them that would be cool. And a piano as I’ve always wanted to learn!

What would be your superpower and why?

To see the future, or 360 vision!

What is your favourite animal?

I’m obsessed with octopi, everything about them is fascinating – I can spend hours in the water observing their habitats and behaviour

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t worry about the hair, you look even better without it!


Photo credit Ian Olsson for Indie Cambridge 


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