Top Tips for Staying Sustainable this Christmas

Did you know that us Brits produce 30% more rubbish during the festive season? Here are some top tips on how to reuse or recycle where you can.

Wrapping Paper

There is a very simple test to check whether you can recycle your wrapping paper or not – scrunch it into a ball and wait for a few seconds. If it stays scrunched up, you can recycle as you would any other paper and if it springs back then it can’t be recycled. Obviously, you can’t try this out in-store, so we recommend doing some research as to where you can buy recyclable wrapping paper, you would be surprised at how common it is now.

Reusable Crackers

The personal touch is always so much better, so why not make your own reusable Christmas crackers.  Paperchase have a great set of fabric crackers in traditional Christmas colours for only £15.

Christmas Trees

Did you know that an estimated 6 million Christmas trees are bought in the UK every year? Of course, they are real trees so do biodegrade but a reusable one can be more sustainable if you use it for more than 10 Christmases. Why not go for something less traditional, Oliver Bonas have a wonder metallic tree for only £49.95 and can be used year after year, you could even use it all year round as a lovely addition to your décor.

Advent Calendars

Over the last few years advent calendars have become bigger and bigger but why not create your own.  There are many ways in which to do this, you could hang envelopes from the tree with gifts, messages, or nice treats inside, you can use your naughty elf each day to give the kids their daily fix or you can but reusable calendars to fill with whatever you fancy.

Buy Local

Buying local reduces the carbon footprint of the items that are purchased, and you take then home with you rather than get them sent to you by courier.  Why not pop to the Cambridge Market and your local butchers to purchase all you need for that scrumptious festive feast.

Buying local reduces the carbon footprint of the items that are purchased...



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